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Welcome to 2022! This Year would be our best year. It is our first year in our New location and We are loving all your feedback. Thanks for supporting us. You will definitely see me and Tiff a lot in our store and With any questions You might have? We are here for you. 

Why We are so unique with other stores? We are giving our best customer service and We are always happy to help  one on one with our lovely customers, We want you to feel that You are all welcome to come in our store No matter what sizes you are. We want to build a community that has a positivity so You will enjoy shopping in our shop. And have the best experience ever.

We have tons of First timer customers and One thing That I would never forget was when the lady told me that "Wallmart will never give this kind of customer service to me" And It really made our heart very happy.

We hope You are enjoying what You are seeing so far and We hope that You had a best experience so far, We always love feedback, so We can improve more if there is any areas that We need to improve.


We love You all!

Love, Sey and Tiff


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