Customer Service Is Our #1 Priority

My name is Sheryl Fehr. I'm originally from the Philippines. And since I got here in Canada, I've been living on the west side, Lethbridge. 

A lot of people asked me how We pronounce our company name, and What's behind that name, It came from my nickname Sey from Philippines and If you are going to read it back ward it's YES , If you are going to look our LOGO it's also spelled SeYYes which ended up being a heart and a butterfly. 

Isn't Cool ? =) 


As soon as a person comes in here, we always introduce what we have in our store. We have two sizes here: regular size and our curvy size. I can tell what size they would be. I really love connecting with people and I like to be able to help them with anything they need. In our store, we always have a lot of curvy people here, So we want to make sure when we bring some clothes in our store, they're very flowy. And I always tell customers, that's why my slogan is called “where size is just a number.”  It's because some people will think, “Oh, I'm not that big, I'm not that size.” Well, it's just a number. So my philosophy is, no matter what size you are, we always have something for you. That's what I always say to our customers.

I work and I love what we do. What inspires me are literally our customers. Like they're the one who's like giving us ideas of what to bring in our store. then, I think that's the best one because we always like asking what do they want us to bring? And then they will actually help with that.

 It's because we really love interacting with people. And then the face that you see with the customer when they find the right outfit for them and then when they also walk out our door, it just is priceless because you will see their faces. They're very happy that they come and see us.

As a team member, I always tell our employees, they really our main priority is our customers, right? So that's the number one when it comes to our employees and then leading them to, you know, no matter what your customer service will be one of the best. you know, people come in here and then you give them a smile, sometimes they're not having a good day. And then by just talking to them and being happy with them: I think that's priceless for them too.


Remember at Seyyes Clothing #WhereSizeIsJustANumber