About us

BE a princess or a queen. Allow Seyyes Clothing to cast a spell on you!

Seyyes Clothing transforms every woman of any size into a chic and confident fashionista; no magic wand needed! 

Whether you are petite or a curvaceous 5XL, we’ve got something to accentuate your charm. From tops to pants, dresses to jumpsuits, kimonos to outerwear – name it, we got it!

Say yes to shopping by visiting our website: www.seyyesclothing.com

DID YOU KNOW? Our logo is just as magical as our products! Take a moment to look at it and you’ll notice a heart (for self-love) and a butterfly (for a beautiful transformation), just how we always want you to feel when you’re in a Seyyes Clothing. What’s more, it represents the owner’s nickname, ‘Sey’, and it spelled backward, ‘Yes’! How cool is that?!