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Seyyes Clothing Curvy Capris

💖 This Product is Curvy( Carpis Size ) which fits sizes 12-16

💖 Customers love they are high waist

💖 They are made of Soft 92% Polyester and Spandex, everyday wear, doing yoga, doing work out, casual wear.

We have 3 sizes for Plus Capris ( Curvy ) Size

Curvy size fits Size Large (12-16 )

Mid Curvy-Fit 2xl-3xl (18-20)

Extra Curvy- fit 3xl to 5xl (20-24)

Customers love they are high waist

Whether you are petite or a curvaceous 5XL, we’ve got something to accentuate your charm. From tops to pants, dresses to jumpsuits, kimonos to outerwear – name it, we got it!