3 ways you can own the look with a mask

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Gone were the days when we took a second look at someone wearing a mask. It’s now the norm! And like any everyday wear, masks have taken the fashion industry completely by storm! Almost as if standing as the cornucopia amidst the pandemic, this flimsy, new accessory we wear as a part of our daily "livery" has symbolized the prosperity of our health and has assured us with great security.

As beneficent as this piece of accessory sound, these dandy, comfortable masks would be the flaw to our apparel. If your head has been in turmoil, trying to figure out how to perfectly brandish your fit without having to ditch the mandatory equipment of masks while still managing to look ravishing, we got you covered and secured!  

  1. Color Coordination

The first partaker in our list goes to the trend that made a foray across the internet, which is the coordination of the colors of your fit to your mask. From formal outerwear to casual outerwear, coordinating the colors of your outfit with your mask will always have the same result: ravishing. As simple as the rules may be, you’ll always look ravishing. Take our Plain Color Light Mask in Red and match it with our Jumpsuit with pocket/down string in Rust from our Curvy Rompers/Jumpsuit  section for our lovely ladies. Just notice the flare it gives off! In color coordination, it is important to remember that less is equivalent to more! 

red jumsuit and plain red face mask

  1. Mix and Match

Unlike the first partaker in our list, mixing and matching gives the ladies a bigger advantage to express their creativity when it comes to pairing pieces of clothing with our flimsy piece of accessory. When you hear mixing and matching, you often think of simpler clothing, commonly more plain, and a more extravagant piece of clothing that you would want people to pay more attention to, which, in our case, would be the mask. To go for a more chic look, ladies would often go for a bold, revealing and a plain top. What's better than pairing this with a stylish mask?  

light plaid mask and bralettes

  1. Daring Pair-ttern

Wearing facemasks brings loads of "anomalies" to our fashion. To match it, we need to follow the pattern and the colors of our outfit! Pullover jackets are trending, especially if you are wearing dark ones. Make sure to wear a dark face mask. The leopard face mask will do match with dark pullover jackets. We want to be still on our fashion and trust me. This is what your guy wants!

leopard pullover jackets and leopard facemask


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